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Website: https://www.wagstaff.com/Wagstaff.htm

Company Profile

Custom Aluminum DC Casting Systems from Wagstaff Wagstaff, Inc. is a 72-year-old industrial manufacturing and engineering company that provides customized, advanced aluminium direct-chill (DC) solidification technology to rolling ingot and extrusion billet producers worldwide. Wagstaff’s headquarters are located in Spokane, Washington, USA. Wagstaff offerings include: •casting machines •mold tables •process automation •rolling ingot tooling •extrusion billet tooling •aerospace alloy casting capabilities •molten metal level control •worldwide service and support Wagstaff has delivered more than 1,100 billet systems, 400 ingot casting systems, 250 ShurCast™ Casting Machines and 350 AutoCast™ Automated Casting Control Systems to aluminum producers in 58 countries.

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