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Oman Daily Observer / Oman Daily Arabic (OEPPA)

We are: A government press establishment working upon commercial basis. It is financially and administratively dependent. It was established under the Royal Decree no 97/43. It is one of the edifices of national development that leads to continuous communication between the citizen and the Arab & regional surrounding. It aims to spread awareness and knowledge and to enlighten the Omani society.
Our vision: preserving the achieved gains under the supreme care of HM Sultan Qaboos and supporting the renaissance march with the honest news and clear opinion.
Our mission: Meeting the desires of the public (individuals and institutions) throughout publications that contribute to acquainting people with the local and international news and to preserving the valuable Omani legacy and ethics.



AlCircle is a top exclusively aluminium-based web portal in the world that calls itself a Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem. It offers a range of information and business related services along the entire aluminium value chain from bauxite ore to end users & recycling. It intends to provide a one–stop platform for global aluminium players to gain current industry information, take better business decisions, collaborate & conduct business. It also offers an effective on-line communication medium and a platform for promoting web marketing activities for all operators in the aluminium sector.

Aluminium International Today

Aluminium International Today is dedicated to all sectors of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry. It contains a digest of global news, events, and statistics, as well as detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regional economic briefings. The journal has evolved since its formation in 1989. It has embraced the digital age and publishes news regularly on its website. It also publishes a free weekly newsletter sent to more than 20,000 industry professionals. Aluminium International Today can be found discussing the latest industry news and views on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


Al Roya Newspaper

A comprehensive economic daily newspaper aiming to establish a renowned media approach among newspapers through professionalism. Al Roya's editorial policy depends on the increasing freedom in the Sultanate, in addition to the constructive criticism aimed at realizing positive change based on the requirements of the period and the maturity of the society, which no longer accepts a media that is not transparent and that can reflect on all community issues.

“Al Roya” aims to fill the information gap seen in many areas, especially economy and business. Al Roya aspires to objectivity and accuracy, to maintain the integrity of all that is published on its pages.

 Our mission seeks to strengthen the relationship between the reader and the different government and private entities and sectors through the dissemination of knowledge and circulation of information, aiming to eliminate the ambiguity that often surrounds the world of finance and business and help everyone to deal positively with the various fields of economic aspects to support development plans in pursuit of creating a promising environment in which service and production projects can flourish.

Al Roya Newspaper aims to be a partner in the decision-making process in the world of finance and economy, through continuous and direct communication with decision makers including businessmen and state officials.

We are committed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth coverage to economic and financial situations, not only in the Sultanate but also in the Gulf region and the world.

We analyze and interpret actions and decisions transparently and can influence the decision-making process.


Aluminium Insider

Aluminium Insider is an independent news site dedicated to bringing noteworthy and timely news, features and events on the global aluminium industry and its developments. We cover a range of issues concerning the aluminium industry including business, innovation, technology and sustainability, along with sector specific markets.



Metalsupdate is a premium intelligence provider for the metals industry. We provide useful business intelligence for both the ferrous and non-ferrous industry. Our coverage is exhaustive and in depth whereby we cover the individual metals right from the ore state to the varied finished products. Thus selling prices at each stage of production, demand and supply, macro-economic factors, currency movement, government policies, industry updates, import and export, etc are the main forte of our day to day operations.
The core of our business is knowledge. Research is the key to acquire “correct” knowledge. Research without industry contribution would only be theoretical in nature and would be void of the “correctness”. Thus we partner with many members of the industry from individuals to large business houses and government to collect knowledge which is processed by our expert in house research team into meaningful information and then is disseminated to our esteemed subscribers.
We provide news and pricing information on the ferrous & non-ferrous metals with a special focus on India. Our target customers are metal producers, service centers, metal consuming end-users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturers and recyclers. Our business critical information assists our clients to make best strategic purchasing decisions. METALSUPDATE aims to become one of the largest global metal industry information providers.
The dissemination of information is through our website – and Metalsupdate Mobile Application (App available both in Android and Apple phones). Further customization of information is processed through the distribution of SMS and other means of communication available on the internet.
We facilitate trade via MetalsUpdate Exchange – a mobile application which acts as a platform for participants in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals market to buy and sell.
Our list of subscribers is growing rapidly and we will be delighted to sign you up as a subscriber of one of the fastest growing industry intelligence websites in the world.
MetalsUpdate, along with PolymerUpdate, are flagship products of Shalimar Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
POLYMERUPDATE, a news and media company based in India, specializes in providing market-moving information and pricing data on petrochemical products and industrial polymers. Our information portal is much coveted by a vast readership that spans across 60 countries. Our trusted pricing methodology is considered as a benchmark across South Asia. Read more at:


Muscat Media Group

The Muscat Media Group, formerly known as Muscat Press and Publishing House SAOC, is the leading, trend-setting publishing house in the Sultanate of Oman and has played a vibrant role in Omani society for the last four decades. The media house was established in the year 1975 by the late founder Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali who was a renowned journalist in the Sultanate for over three decades. 
A slew of products from broadsheet dailies to tabloid weeklies as well as magazines both in Arabic and English languages are published under the banner of MMG, including the Times of Oman, Al Shabiba, Hi Weekly, Sabat Ayam, FACES and various books and supplements on special occasions.  
MMG, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has evolved itself into a leading media house in the region by the virtue of high quality journalism and also established itself as a role model and an innovator with a well-defined corporate social responsibility.
MMG is proud of setting the standard and rewriting them since 1975.  It is but natural that it has been credited with many ‘firsts’ that have made life easier for the readers and advertisers: in 2005 MMG became the first in the AGCC to develop an online edition for both the dailies; in 2008 WAP editions of the newspapers were made available on cell phones. In 2014, MMG ventured into social media platforms by launching WhatsNews and WhatsOulum apps in Apple store, Google Play and Blackberry platforms. The innovations have created a revolution in the digital media in the Sultanate of Oman. 


A&L - Aluminium 

“A&L - Aluminium and its Alloys” is the most prestigious international magazine in the Aluminium industry, has reached its 28th year of publication. Published in English/Italian bilingual version since the very beginning, it’s dedicated to the lightweight metal entire industrial production chain with special attention to downstream processing: foundry, die-casting, extrusion and rolling. From the market to machinery, processes, technologies, products and final applications in transports, packaging and constructions, with unique experience and professionalism.
“A&L - Aluminium and its Alloys” is the supporting magazine for communication of the international Expo METEF, the show of the Customized Technologies for the Aluminium, Foundry Castings and Innovative Metals Industry that best represents the professional operators’ network in this sector.


International Aluminium Journal

International ALUMINIUM Journal deals with all facets of Aluminium’s value chain from the production of the metal via its processing through to recycling. The editorial focus is on smelting and semis production including the suppliers of plant, equipment and technology. Consideration is given to economic, technical and environmental/ecological topics as well as other aspects that affect the metal and its product applications in the different target markets. Aluminium relevant research articles from companies and institutes are also published. The publication is thus of particular interest to smelters and remelters, semis producers, foundries, fabricators and converters, metal traders, semis stockholders and research facilities. International ALUMINIUM Journal is distributed worldwide.


Aluminium Times 

Published five times a year, Aluminium Times is targeted at the primary and secondary aluminium producers, extruders and rolling mills as well as other fabricators such as forgers and large sand and diecasting foundries.
The editorial policy is to feature and promote the supply sector. New products, latest company developments, people and contracts won as well as articles highlighting people and company works write-ups.
Recent features include personality profiles, company profiles, new patents, working day in the life of...
We are based in the UK and publish globally. Aluminium Times also publishes an Annual Review available, free of charge, at exhibitions and industry related maps.




Metalworld’ is a monthly B2B  magazine published by Chandekar Business Media Pvt. Ltd. This magazine is devoted to Non-ferrous metals and the foundry industry, with the readership of around 45000 decision makers. It provides a monthly update on global metals sector, information on new projects, demand supply scenario, technological advancements, prices, production statistics etc. ‘ Metalworld ‘ organizes exhibitions & conferences for the Non ferrous metal & foundry industry on international level. It has an industry website,


Metal Bulletin

 Metal Bulletin Group provides leading pricing intelligence, including independent industry benchmarks, for the metal and mining industry. The group’s global portfolio of news, analysis, conferences and insight services complement these price benchmarks.
Our price reporters assess over 2,000 non-ferrous, ferrous, raw material and non-metallic mineral prices, many of which are the industry standard benchmarks, trusted and used across the industry supply chain. 
We are a completely impartial and independent price reporting agency and engage with all sides of the market, including sellers, buyers and traders, during the price discovery process.





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