Survey results from 2017 in Oman

The high organization and preparation for the Arabal Conference in its 21st edition, have set level of Arabal and put us in a great challenge; because the upcoming conferences should come at the same level of brilliance, both in terms of participations and topics selected for discussion. I thank the Organizing Committee and Sohar Aluminum for the effort that came to fruition, And the great interest shown in the patronage of His Highness Hareb bin Thwaini Al Said for the opening, as well as in the important speech delivered by His Highness Kamel bin Fahd Al Said, which gave the conference a great deal of weight, and the discussions were very enriching.

Mohammed Al Naki, Chairman, ARABAL Steering Committee.

I was very impressed with this level of organization and accuracy. The conference was organized with excellence and the superior organisation reflected on the distinguished attendance. During the first day, I participated in a session as a speaker, I saw how interested and good attendance was.

Paul Adkins, Founder and Managing Director, AZ China Ltd.

The organization for the 21st Arabal Conference was perfect and excellent, Arabal is currently one of the most famous and important aluminum conferences in the world, not only at the Arab level. It provides an update of information for the industry as a whole; from all over the world.

Mahmood Al Daylami, Secretary General, Gulf Aluminium Council (GAC).

I have been attending Arabal conferences around the Gulf since 2004, but this one is simply the best. The organization, the arrangements, everything is so perfect and flawless. It is amazing how Oman is moving forward without losing touch with its cultural traditions.

Bibhu Prasad Mishra, President and Chief Operating Officer, Aditya Aluminium, Sambalpur

The conference is a great opportunity for producers to meet, consult and share experiences in all fields, including safety and the environment, as well as it is a great opportunity to have agreements with the suppliers, specialists and technology providers, suppliers of raw materials are all gathering. It is also a great opportunity to get to know about new products, new supplies, services and more. On the other hand, the conference reflects a positive image of the Sultanate of Oman’s continuous development. I believe that His Majesty’s vision of Oman’s economic diversification 2020 is already being realized on the ground. I personally visit Oman twice a year and each time I see something different. Really Oman is the best place to hold such conference.

Abdulaziz A. Al Harbi, President, Ma’aden Aluminium Company

The conference is brilliant. It’s very well organized, very well organized indeed, and it’s a beautiful location. I’m a great fan of Oman; I think it’s one of my favorite countries anywhere in the world, and it’s a lovely place to have it. It has stunningly well organized by Sohar Aluminum, it really has.

Professor Paul Stevens, Distinguished Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House

I think this year’s edition is better than the previous Arabal conferences looking at the number of participants, the number of companies, and VIPs present at the conference. It was important to focus on the price axis of aluminum and the prices of raw materials the industry needs. This year, the price went above 2000 $/ton, for the first time in several years, so this was the common theme in all sessions, in addition to development of aluminum industry in China, and its impact on the global market.

Khalid Mohamed Sultan Laram, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Aluminium Limited (Qatalum)

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the fantastic job the team did in putting this first-class event together, full with special and classy details. I only heard good things about the sessions. People were still discussing the topics during dinner. 

Jorge Vazquez, Founder and Managing Director, Harbor Aluminum Intelligence

The conference hosted by Sohar Aluminum came at a high level of excellence, and this version hosted by Sohar Aluminum has seen a great momentum both in terms of the large participation, and the excellence of participants and their representative of major companies, scientific bodies, and the participants really received a high level of reception and organization.

Eng. Abd Elzaher Abd Elsattar Hassan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Egyptalum

ARABAL is a critical conference to be held, one of the reasons is because the Gulf region represents 10 percent of global production, outside of China, and it is one of the only areas has such growing, so it has an opportunity for economy to contribute to growth in terms of the local economies but also contribute to the growth in the aluminum industry. Oman is a fantastic place to hold it.

Julian Kettle, Senior Vice President, Vice Chairman of Metals and Mining, Wood Mackenzie

I believe that the conference covered many important topics related to the aluminum industry and its development, including an important session which discussed the future vision of the aluminum industry in terms of utilizing technologies and robots in the production processes of aluminum, and its impact on the workforce and how to cover the work from the human aspect. This is indeed a major challenge; as keeping pace with technology is very important, but at the same time it is necessary to provide employment opportunities for people. The discussion session covered this topic and existing challenges and how to achieve the right balance.

Dr. Hans Erik Vatne, PhD, Senior Vice President, Head of Technology, Primary Metal Technology, Norsk Hydro ASA

China is working on building giant smelters for the future, and we are currently considering how to increase the current production of aluminum which is 46 million tons, by renovating and maintaining existing smelters instead of building new smelters. Our participation in Arabal provides important opportunities to build fruitful relationships with partners and to focus on developing operations by implementing the latest automated, intelligent and digital solutions within a single centralized system.

Qin Junman, Vice Chairman of N.E.U. Engineering and Research Institute (NEUI), and Vice President of China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering And Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC)

We at Be’ah are honoured at being invited for the Arabal Conference. It has been very successful, and the event came very well organized, with participation from the region as a whole. It is good to see such a big conference in Oman. Be’ah’s participated as an environmental company specializes in recycling aluminum products waste, aluminum recycling in general in the Sultanate, and all kind of waste can be recycled.

Sheikh Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Harthy, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, Be’ah, Oman Environmental Services Holding Company

I think Arabal was a fantastic success because of the organization and the people from Sohar Aluminium behind it. It displays the company very well. Oman was shown in a fantastic light and picture: So very welcoming, so very positive and so very fantastic.

Stephan Broek, Director Light Metals, Hatch

Very excited about the opportunities that the Aluminium sector has to offer to the aerospace world and we are looking forward to some constructive technologies across the aluminium sector that can be integrated into the aerospace world that can actually introduce new products and new opportunities to our ultimate customers.

Badr S. Al-Olama, Head of Aerospace Business Unit, Mubadala Investment Company

Many thanks for all your work, definitely the best ARABAL ever.

Max Wiestner, Industry Manager Aluminium, ABB Switzerland

Every year Arabal has been excellent, but I have noticed that in its 21st edition in the Sultanate of Oman, organisational aspects of the conference were very impressive and excellent, in addition to a comprehensive group of speakers which will provide an insight in terms of the increase in prices, shipping and other related operations. Arabal has always contributed to the development of the aluminum sector in the Gulf region as well as Egypt, due to its non-competitive nature. Arabal is a very fruitful conference as it provides updates on market conditions, a clear picture to all importers and exporters in the aluminum market, and future expectations that guide the decisions and plans of manufacturers.

Ali Al-Baqali, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)

I’m coming to Oman for the first time. This conference is pretty good and this kind of networking and sharing of knowledge is in itself a fantastic experience. Hats off to Sohar Aluminium such an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Dr. Yanchen Wang, Principal Consultant Lead of Chinese Aluminium Market Research, CRU

ARABAL 2017 has succeeded in bringing together experts from a cross-section of industries to discuss renewable energy as a gateway to economic opportunity and diversification. In presenting such a wide variety of topics and world-class speakers, this meeting of ideas will add massive value to our economies by going beyond hypothetical scenarios and sharing tangible outcomes from our respective research.

Siddiqa Al Lawati, Project Development Analyst, Glass Point Solar

I was pleased to be in attendance and to participate at Arabal 2017. A great conference! Top notch.

Yasmin R. Brown, Group Manager, Jacobs Consultancy

The conference is good; a lot of fine companies are here, a lot of opportunities for investment and cooperation with GCC, with Iran, with the companies participated in Aluminum industry, also Oman is a very good place for such this conference.

Amir Sabbagh, Director of Planning and Strategic Supervision, Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO)

We attach great importance to attending every edition of Arabal to work with all aluminum producers in order to improve performance in terms of production operations and its global sustainability, and we are always keen to be in the Gulf region, especially the Sultanate of Oman in light of the increase in aluminum production, and the important developments we are witnessing in upstream and downstream industries.

Chris Bayliss, Deputy Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)

As an attendee and speaker at the ARABAL, I want to commend Said Al Masoudi and his fine team members for the wonderful work that was done. There could not have been a more pleasant experience at the conference or tour of your facility. Thank you very much for all the efforts. Oman is a wonderful place full of wonderful people. I hope I can come back soon and enjoy Oman with my family.

David Roth, President, GPS Global Solutions

The honorable organization, which came at the highest level of efficiency reflects the accuracy of the work of Sohar Aluminum. Hosting Arabal conference and exhibition gives an additional advantage to promote the country as a whole, with the appropriate choice of time and place where the conference is held. The importance of Aluminum industry is not only at the level of major companies, but also to motivate investors to invest at all levels, large, medium or small, in the aluminum industry, opening up multiple opportunities for employment.

Hussain bin Salman Al Lawati, Chairman of the Board of Directors of bin Salman Group of Companies

We are a group of about 30 leading Arabal conference sponsors, but this version is unique, and it is a milestone in history of Arabal conferences. I have to say that we have been very welcomed by the people here and this is the first time I have been to the Sultanate of Oman and I think it was a wonderful surprise because I found a beautiful country whose people are very welcoming and hospitable.Discussion papers and meetings were comprehensive and were held by experts and specialists.

Jocelyn Néron, International Affairs Advisor, Industrial Equipment, Market Direction for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Ministry of Economy, Government of Quebec, Quebec’s Export Agency